And just for a while... I had forgotten...

And just for a while... I had forgotten...



"Cuddle ended. Sky is fallin' over you. But if you love him, tell him. It tastes like rose and ice."

"I wonder what she dreams about..."
So close... so far away from there. I feel that something behind this curtain is broken. It begun to beat faster, faster than the dreams that has inside. The gates are closed to a new paradise and the only feeling seems dead
. Calling for a new time, a new scenary where play this sad dance. In fear... in each corner where darkness is haunting. It makes me need it... Because all I can see and reach for it's not by my side. I think that it was there... and I wept when I opened my eyes. Living nowhere. But you are always here...
"...To keep you safe when you are scared."

Life is exhausting when the only thing which makes you happy is running away from reality.


The seat of dried trees

Cold day.

"¿Kiss? ¿Tenderness? Too much sweetness for an only verse..."

Wandering my wasted hope...
Filling this void with my lonely eyes.
When you kept alive my life
I'd just died... for yours.

Nocturnal birds... fly away
Reach for peace in the shade.

Can I find harmony?

Opening my weeping eyes in grief
Dreaming the Paradise you drew with me.

Tears go out to dance with ghosts.
Ghosts of souls that died in love.
Seeking for a place they hide their pain.
All those; they cry in vain

Nocturnal birds... fly away
Reach for peace in the shade.

Can I find harmony?

Will you come to protect me?
This soil is empty...
Only feeded by the tears I shed.
Why had you to go... away?

You've killed my hope...!
You've enhaced my love...!
Then wrecked this empty heart
Curse to be forever... alone.

Are you still crying?
Life has not mercy...
I'm clearing in darkness.
Let me sleep...

Will I find harmony?


A tree with iced fruits

This day

"Bird don't nest, nor alight in the branches yet. Already anyone comes to sing 'em the lullabys which maked them sleep."

And one life cries when one dream dies. And the dream dies when there is no hope which keeps it up. Where does the hope that we create in our failed creations go? Will exist any place where we can find all that one day we've forsaken? And if it's true that oblivion does not exist, but ignorance. Why is so hard learn to ignore? We know that we can create ourselves believing in that we want to be, but we still haven't learned that we cannot change the world. We haven't learned to live with this guilty conscience either. The best thing we can do is escape. We let go out our dreams to prove that we're still alive in them even we feel that something dies daily inside us. Every time when an ilusion switches off, every time when a passion switches off... We can only escape. We know what is write under a iced tree of delusion, the value of a tear... Maybe we neither learn to ignore, nor to escape. Maybe we haven't time enought to learn to live either. Why am I this way?
Because I don't find a place to rest. Because I want to change this world and every day I lose, I cry and I wish... Maybe I won't come to the end. But I'm owner of my magic. And of my best wish. In darkness, in pain, in sorrow, and in ease.

Dedicated to the Man with a God soul.


Who programmed me?

One day.

"You will change your way when all of your senses burn in the fire in which you will burn away."

You'll came out in the saddest sunsets. You'll return to smile from the obscurity. You'll find for a place to run away. And you'll came back with a new illusion. I know what I see. I know all there is. But I also know that there would be something more. That's the reason why I cannot stop seeking for it. And beacause of seek it, I forsake what I've already find out. I hate thinking that magic exists away from reality. I hate running away from reality and being happy with it. I don't know if it's really good search for so long. The only think I know is that life is too real, and magic is too tempting.

The problem is that I prefer looking at the mirror to looking through the window.


Behold the skies...


"I know I didn't finish being that what I dreamt about, but now I have the wings which one day I dreamt with."

Another moment beholding doubt. Another submission against doubt.
Today I see a new horizont where I can stare. I only need open my eyes. Ice froze passion. And something died inside of her. And something new was born. Within all bad things, there is something good, and in all good things there is always something bad. In void all was born. I'll always have a Paradise within reach of mine. And anybody can't take me this out. Always, when agony reigns in the core of the insanity, it will exist a little sanity in the agony of the heart. And that's the reason of the will. And because of that, tomorrow I will be. Maybe the dream will became life. At the moment, another day behind the glass of patience.

For Draconian. And its poet Anders Jacobsson. Forever My Kings. My Kingdom of ease.


We can't see 'cause they blind us with fright

One absurd day in one absurd moment.

"I'll write under my tree, snow-covered of iced illusions. God don't reply; He only listens to the prays."

'Cause thou know that Heaven gates won't open for thee. Angel of my Winter, God o'my Solitude. Hidden in the warmest sunsets, only thou know the pain of sorrow. Only thou art able to fly away, out of the reach of shame. Only thou can bring out the hope in this soil of uncertainty, just with a mournful smile, and forget the forgotten. Only thou, can emerge from a vast ocean o'tears, evoking the flame of thy soul until thou sail in a stormy silence, achieving to beat the dejection broking thy chains. Only thou can erase the doubt and turn it into truth. Only thou, and only thou... art the will of the force.

You shouldn't wait for anything; long better is wish it with all your heart.


Let me see...


"We aren't free because they don't let us. They don't teach us how to fly... So, what does it matter if we aren't what they expect us to be? We'll be angels under human skin."

The prize that you must pay... frustration. Trying that things
turn out right, over and over again, withouth get it. Watching how time goes, and things don't turn out right yet. One day all will be with us. Today is a day for relax, without any thought. I don't feel like do anything. I only want to forget everything.

For each sunset which defeats daylight again.


And I drowned in a gothic embrace...


"I know that there is pleasure in living, and suffering in the pleasure... but I don't know why living is so frustrating..."

Today I was hoping a good new... But it seems not. If life decides to go to another way, it will take you. There's no rest. Whatever... Sometimes we need to take a deep breathe, and when things don't want to turn out right, they won't. So... that's life. Earthly fun, and free will: If you want to chose another way, then do it, but anyone can guarantee you that they will support you. Anyway, the one who wishes be special, knows why, and that's not forgotten with any failure. Pain sometimes show things that remember us why are we that way, and why we suffer. And if things want to turn out wrong, ther will. But I remember why it is that way. The prize you must pay.

It will be worst if you could watch Heaven's gates from Hell.