And just for a while... I had forgotten...

And just for a while... I had forgotten...


We sail...

A word glimmers among the mist.
The cold winter freezes the time.
Too many feelings; a tempting sin.
An early though; your glazed eyes.

Even ethereal birds curse me,
But I don't believe it.
Red wine; Black majesty.
Black wine for this sin.

Let life remember;
Take that moon,
our dream of amber,
and turn it gloom.
Turn it real,
Because I wish you.

I sail.... on seas of naivety.
Unconscious of reality.
You said... long better.
Still I don't believe in faith,
But I praise for thee.
In my soul, your grace.

Then I sail alone.
Strong winds remember me,
They remind me
Where I belong.

Not here anymore...

Lyra Gothe,,


There's no limit

No place for soul. There's no place for soul. No soil for heart. There is a chalice to the blood that hands shed, screaming for the inner-pain which is killing her minds. Their sorrowful faces, lighting the darkness of their sadness. Living just with a failed love, and just for that failed love... Even in woe proudly of being the ones. They like obscurity, they like their purity, their sorrow and the screams of the heart- and silence... Because they don't dream about being only humans, so they fight for their hope.

Even I was tired... my wings... they blew soaring to the moon, with her beatiful melancholy and pain, seeking for my hope.

Child, you've become a God. I love your beauty as much as your faults. Don't stop flying to the infinity...

Lyra Gothe,,


My abandonned poem...

White... thoughs and thoughs
life that cries after laughs...
and loves... your smile.

A broken ease...
A chaos in disguise...
A blackness lit by tears.
Another hopeless lovely times...

Faithful even in dreams.
My Lord, my beauty Prince...
I'll bath in your tears,
I'll kiss you when you scream...

There's no sin by your side,
but magic...
Star, shine forever,
this sky is all yours...

Sing up that canticle, heart,
Sing up that canticle again...
Sing it louder than silence.
Sing alone that canticle...

That silence killed me once.
That solitude sickened me,
as she's doing now...

I've desobey the night...
Just to be yours...
For you, to be mine.

Even your flower is longer
more beatiful that mine...
Maybe it's 'cause I pull
all the petals off...
Asking them if you love me.
Even I knew you don't...

Proudly I'm bleak,
Sadly I'm just thorns,
I'm weak...
I'm alone...
Sick because of your eyes...
Dying because of your soul.



Let it go

Don not tell us what to do.

Let us be the ones. The ones who play with mistery.

Let us create fantasy. Curse the time.

Let me see. Let me see there, that slumber, that beautiful darkness.

And what about the gulls? They'll fly away. As we do. As we believe in magic.

Let it change. What about the diamonds, the ones that shine in this neverending night?

And then... What about the night? Curse the light. We are the shine.

Let us fly away. You obey to you Lord.

We'll be here, maybe there, under our own control.

Crying behind the mist.

Because every day is a day, night is just as a dream.

And what about the soul? Let it go... She never loses the way of her Lord.


My Prickly Rose

This is a sculpture I made a few months ago. It's My Prickly Rose. I don't know the reason for what I did it. I think art is the reason.

But I have another reason. Rose, represent the beauty. The thorns the obstacles. To take the beauty of the rose, we must bleed because of the thorns.

So sometimes is really hard to hold it. But don't give up. Every think I feel I write it.

This one, is a painting of Ultimecia. I made it a few years ago... When I was young. Is √Ārtemis, the Godess of the Hunting, Agriculture and of the moon (even later, the Godess of the moon was Selene and Artemis lost this honor :P). Just make art and be creative. Let your soul dominate your mind. And your heart, feel it. Never blame it.

"Show me a worker with big dreams, and in him you'll find a man who can change the history. Show me a man without dreams, and in him you'll find a simple worker." B.Shaw


A monster as a sickness

"Butterflies, a lot of dark butterflies flying over mi soul."

Will be darker this darkness? Oh, monster, oh monster o'mine. I hate you so much. Why you love me? Or why you hate me? 'Cause I feel like an angel was taking care of me, but he cannot fight against you. Hate+Love is not zero. Leave me alone then... I don't need you, no anymore. I want to open my eyes and see that there's something more. There is always sadness, confusion, anguish... But there's something more... I'm tired of shout when nobody is listening. I'm tired of listen when nobody is shouting. Dissapear monster, dissapear. Forget this soul and join another world. I will always keep flying. Of course I will. Just a breathe... Just a breathe...

Angel of desire, thanks for being here. You must know that I'll build up a new place with your magic, for you to come as a wanderer or as a God.