And just for a while... I had forgotten...

And just for a while... I had forgotten...


The part which broke

"I know that they want to jail you. The want to materialyze you. I know you want to be free; there's a place to save you. You just seek for ease... Solitude is your weapon... Abyss of kharma... Don't be afraid of your silence, soul."

A story with pages pulled out by the guffaws of life, which laughted on their backs. You won't cry for anything; Neither me. I will cry for me, and for the sick dreams that are already dead... here... All is desert. I wake in a new exile, a new game. A new prision in time without end... I wonder what you dream about... without me. Will you come to save me of this dry land? Where only dwell poisoned flowers, and if you live alone; you'll die harvesting. I know that you can, oh life o' mine... Kill me. And maybe tomorrow I'll feel alive. Will you have valour? I think I won't... This melody fade away if any accordion needs it anymore. Musical... I want a new theatre for play the musical of sorrow... of the so much... and of the how much time... of the essence of the valour and the blindfolding of ignorance, heart... don't waste feelings... Maybe you'll need them later, and I know you'll run away because of coward and blind.

"I would like to have an parallel universe to build up in it castles which don't break whit the weakness of joy... I would like to stop dreaming about fly... and fall down."


I want to transmit to hundreds of lost souls this sickness

So... it's sad. But sometimes I think that is better. I don't know why. At least when I'm sad I'm in tranquillity. People upset me a lot sometimes... I don't know. It's just like everything had always to come to a bad end, and being this way I fell that at least I know what I feel and nobody can take me this off. It's a double-edged sword. Because life is not to live it this way... but that's who I am. And I am unable to forget it. I don't want their unhappy joy... I prefer my happy sadness.

Love, is the worst thief; he has stealing our freedom for years and nobody knows where he concealed it.

Stupid rigid structure... only thinks in sink.


Fairy Gale

"I live in a world of metal rocked by equals, a pair of clumsy guys, and a real life."

I've built a fortress in the air
and lost the war against the sadness.
When I fell, I got that sickness
which blinds me, which torments me,
which weakens me...
Would you lend me your wings... be free?

I know that I'll remember my dreams,
but the day I abandon them will be.
This stupid melancholy as a dirty glass in me.
A tear to bleed and a frozen smile to give.

Just for a moment I felt hopeful.
Just for a moment...
Now I'm bleeding with this prickly rose.
In halfway, away.
I saw that stifling sky over my soul... again.

An empty book of tore out-pages
of mystical forgotten tales.
Another wail, another wall with another pain.
Another tear to shed so far away...

So far away... from there.

I know that I'll remember my dreams,
But the day I abandon them will be.
This stupid melancholy as a dirty glass in me.
A tear to bleed and a frozen smile to give.

-All that love void,
once filled...
but not anymore.


I wish to fly, yet I'm swimming

"And day came with a new throne. It brought a new King. I was there and said: "I won't adore him...""

I get up drawned. I thought about all that light shinning in the night. How it blinded me. All the reasons that were hidden in that ray. That chain made me feel sick inside. Now, I see. But all I can see saddens me... Like mice in their own mousetrap. Worried about the fading sun until they die in their own lie. They get wet in the rain of the confusion cloud which emanate of their ill hearts. Money brings power; power brings misery. I think that I'm lost here. All illusions dying, heart fading... No helping hand that wishes to fly... Always away... The moon is hidden, but I reject the sun. A huge night of out stars and muted wind. A sad soul, but not blinded with lies.

Empty summer for an empty look.


Too lie to be truth

It's really a day?

"Hmph... mankind... a cesspit of hatred and lies! Fight for them, then, and die for their sins!" (Dracula, Castlevania Symphony of The Night)

I won't cry for anyone. I won't cry for anything. I'll just cry for me. I will bleed for my proud, for my soul. Ignorance blinds. Wisdorn just looks away. Mass never lead a soul, maybe a mind, and a lot of minds... Leading with their lies, everyone knows it, anyone minds it; but all will be forgotten. Would you bow down your head to be happy? You will love your chains, you'll create a sad hapiness. Your passion is dead. Your love is starving... These tears will let something grow far away from here. I will love my night, and my tears. I will love my solitude, even if it hurts... Because your hopeless joy... It's not for me.

Do you know the esence of your blood?