And just for a while... I had forgotten...

And just for a while... I had forgotten...


Sail in my dreams

This leads to an endless way until I wish to know your name; I want to shout it when anguish becomes light. The blood of your soul is as anesthesia; your look as my shelter. What is the color of your eyes? Be my faith, sparkling smile. Be the last, the last one who forgives this angel of desire. Think not that the beast is at home -cause am I your beast, and can't leave you alone- but don't see it. So don't fear. Know not that is me. Thanks for these wings. Dissapear into light, and join me in blackness. Be my hope and my fear, my silence, my screams; your fire I will be-as I am now- so just burn in passion, and be careful. Think that fear is longer than pain; that brain is just a tool. My soul, your soul, this gloom, your eyes, our moon. There's nothing realer that me and you.

Lyra Gothe,,


Dreaming in my madness

Tearing myself apart with a sick blaze.

Cannot see the rain
when my eyes are still blinded
with his divine haze.

Only a iron shadow bathed in crimsons sleeps.

I'll be there... maybe.
'Cause you won't... But might be...

Stop it now.
Or follow me...

The creech of the heart cannot be silent anymore.
So hear it! Blame it!
Bless it! Then curse it with your faked smile.
Let it survive, just for be blessed
With your loner soul existence.

'Cause have your tears,
Is long better than keep my happiness.
Because your sadness...
Is the furthest way I can reach.

"Until that, two eyes walk the night. Hand in hand. With
a wonderful creation. They flower they soar, now grows
beatiful -as their love-. He's feeling like a little King; his
little princess follows the trail of his breathe. "I'll always
be here", was the promise in their fire. Everything to
share, nothing to lose."
But now, just tears to shed.

The soul joint ends in a dead dream, even waiting to be dreamt.

Fill the void again, nothing to lose, neither to gain. Just nothing.

Lyra Gothe,,


Arting everything



Burn in this passion.

Feel the flames of your own soul.
Fill your smile with art.

Believe in magic. Burn in magic. Ask for what you deserves. Nothing less. That's art.

Live in secret, and your undercover will be more valuable. Say my name when you want, because I can always hear you. That's art.

Go ahead with your dreams. You'll have blessing if you don't disturb anyone. Don't never open your eyes if you are happy. Then smile. That's art

Feel alone. Feel sad. Be a friend of that mysterious spirit called solitude. But if you wish it, have it. That's art, because you want it to be art.

"Solitude is a good friend, but it cannot make you laught. Don't believe with faith, believe with certainty." Dedicated to Agent Dale Cooper

Lyra Gothe,,


Burn in thy eyes

Oh, Lord...
How far I've walked for your blessing.
With no rest, my Lord.

I ran gloomy nights,
under the rain of desire,
I've slept in those wells
So lost in your maze...
With no rest, Lord o' mine.

I've seen how deep is truth
how much far is that light...
How the lie
can stain your soul,
your eyes...

So please,
kiss this sword,
my beauty Lord,
fill this void with your proud.
Make me free.

I need you, so do it
Just silence my screams,
-as you took my soul-
Bless again the tears,
all over my skin.
Do it, my Lord.

Then cry our name.

Lyra Gothe,,


She in you.

Just filled as an empty paper,
with scrawls,
with no-law,
just a soul
with her nature.

Just a rapture of dreams,
a shade
a "maybe will be..."
what she feels,
can't be explained.

Can't by that way.

In that rock, she sleeps.
She draws in, in that rock.
Light can't stop hurting, she
looked in vain,
at every drop...
Did you see the rain?
She could feel the pain,
in every drop... That fell

Look her eyes...
as they bliss you.
Look your eyes...
as you missed you

In that way.

In your soul, she was born,
with your grace,
with no-face
Will you try to find her?
I know that you won't...

Won't this way.

Lyra Gothe,,


September; the longest Sunday of the year

"September Ashes". Summer ends, a new season arrives. I think that they are things that everyone needs, just to change our lifes. Like someone said "If that scares you it's because you must try it", and I really thing that we must. We must to have valour to have choices. By the way, this is the second time I read "The Alchemist". The Personal Legend. All of us have one, our big dream, our biggest fight. Damn it! We are fighting again. Like the most of the time, against us.
A lot of times I want to stop, and say a "shut up!" to my head. But it doesn't make anything. Damn it again! I must live with it.

"You need chaos in yout soul to give birth to a dancing star" Friedrich Nietzsche