And just for a while... I had forgotten...

And just for a while... I had forgotten...


The wizard did a gesture...


My prickly rose; it's me.

"Black Sky... answer, is there a God over us? I know that there was a Goddess... but she fell asleep."

I have something what to live for. I wish to find a place. I hate people who can't love, or hate with elegance. I'm scared of the fright, if it can take possession of me. It hurts me that nothing means anything. Live in ease is all I need. There is nothing which means enough like the union with something...

"The wizard saw. The wizard wished. The wizard got it. The wizard led a heart. Later he led a soul. Another wizard saw. Another wizard wished. Someone broke his silence. This wizard died."

Nocturnal birds, fly away... reach for peace in the shade.

Don't broke this silence, it's mine.

"Was the person I saw reflecting in our mirror? Complex is release feelings in poetry. It seemed... but from far away."

Ups and downs.

It seems like everything changes. But no. All is the same. The only ones who change are us, and the way that we see the world around us. Tired of all. All is the same. Nothing changes. Whatever. The moment will come someday. But is inevitable, even we know that everything will be alright, until we don't see it, don't believe it. And that's it. The day will come. At the moment is only another day waiting for something. To find someone who really smiles. Anyway... Another day.

See. Will. Act.


First is the gesture, then the smile.

A day.

"Sometimes I do not understand. Sometimes I want to understand. Sometimes... just there are times, that I sometimes want to win."

"He open his eyes in the dawn. Clock sounds as the sentence of his sorrow, as his chains. He wake up thinking. He's still remembering. His empty look is hidden among weeping. He looked himself at the mirror every day, from far away; he was afraid of being closer, he was afraid of his own reflection. He only suffered the pain that behind his face was already awaken. He didn't find yet a reason. He only believed. He only trusted in his mind. Alone he was, staying in silence, dreaming that someone would find him. He lived immersed in a ocean... but willing to fly. He closed his eyes full of tears, by a broken dreams... He lived in peace waiting for his hope. And, all has a "but", but he... didn't find it. Work was not the key. The trip to Paradise is too expensive, and he knows it. So he leaves in jouney, searching for happiness, or at least something, that makes him sleep calm."

Let's keep the smiles which we don't give who we don't love, for give 'em who really deserve them.


One life to try it

Second day.

"There is something more than this, and the seat where I am. Do you know what day is today? Another day, as the others."

So yes. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. A little bit of hope for this path. Where do we go? And, for what do we walk, if even looking at past we do not feel pleased? That's all. And there are things that make the way more enjoyable. And for all that we exist, because of the things around us. 'Cause I feel that there's something that day by day keep up the hope, and whatever happens, it will be there. Because they are already things to discover and to live.

It's better to live in polluted air and be free, than to live among the pollution, in open air.


My prickly rose, bleed the one who touches it

First day.

"The sparckle of your voice keeps up awaken the angel who is still hidden in the clouds. Heaven is his prision, why don't you go up to pick him up?"

Sometimes is hard to breathe, 'cause all is ephemeral. And the days pass without bringing you anything. And someones leave, and others will came. And we all know that we don't miss something even we don't have it. But we haven't learnt how to apply it. But anyway, does life go on? Then that's all we have. Only go on for the good things. You must live for something, and you must die for something, even it is the same thing. As long as we have tranquility, the rest doesn't matter. As long we have hope, the rest doesn't matter. As long we have illusion, the rest doesn't matter. It's hard to think that life is sad... and live it at the same time. And at the same time, leave it is harder. And when silence is all... Darkness is mistery, and mistery is all that we want to discover. There are still things to do. For all the sad and human pain, and for all the love and hope, for all that we still have and we wish to find...

Dedicated to all we miss.