And just for a while... I had forgotten...

And just for a while... I had forgotten...


Just like Hell

My dear...

Spring dies in time where darkness blind.
No eyes, no voice, no one feels the call.
Closer now, my hope's grave
Buried alone with those lies...

A dream fade away... while a wall from Heaven fell...

A prison, my death.
Cold crimson state
Why have I to see these gates?

My dear... I said
I would give you breathe,
And I wept...
Promising you the Hell.

The best secret kept ever
Dying in my prayer
So far away from the sun...

My skin burns in the fire,
And guilt lives as a burden
In the fire of death...
Just like Hell.

To remind that dreams
Won't never be forgotten,
As the fire of death...
Just like Hell.

And hurting as heart
Pounds in my soul
As the fire of death...
Just like Hell.



Crystal asphyxia

Hatred betrayed in ye hearts o'slavery,
Insightful thy end, filthy sight.
Denied my dream as I entered thy lie,
The ebony clock of their fate
... cracked.

This boiling black blood on this scar;
remember that wind blown in the wrong side...
The tortured laugh of this crime
Murdered our souls, now we burn in our flight!

This empty soil where we weep...
The earth in our hands...
Please, let me be a carrier of grief!
Let me spread this germ!

Die in our dying, in mankind's madness
Belch out the fire which is burning inside!
Curse them to eternal drowning in their vanity!
Let us love our brief sin...

"And thou -forever forsaken-
wilt cry in the embrace of the night...
And the moon in your hands will survive."



And now...

Now...? Everything ends...

The fallen leaves of those trees, they remind me where we end... Where we begin. Every feeling I've felt, it ends in a memory, a flash in the memory... The beauty of the enchanted moon, the wide ocean in front of me.

The wind blows more today; It forgets everything on his way... The poisoned flowers, -of course-... Nothing less than my heart fading away, again and again...